Norway To Meet Promise Over Cuts in Deforestation, Carbon

  The Norwegian government is planning to compensate Indonesia after it has confirmed reports that the country has been able to curb carbon emission from deforestation in 2017, a Norwegian diplomat said. “When the emission figures are independently verified, Norway...

2019 Presidential Debate Touches Palm Oil Issues

The second round of presidential debate held on Sunday, February 17, 2019, began to discuss issues surrounding the Environment, Natural Resources, and Food and Energy. The debate was only attended by the two presidential candidates without their VP, was important...

Study Finds Increasing Peat Soil Conversion for Oil Palms

A three-year study conducted in Indonesia’s Central and West Kalimantan provinces found that there was an increase in the conversion of peat soi into oil palm plantation, especially by smallholders. The study, conducted by a team from the Center for International...

Indonesia’s Peat Restoration Efforts After Three Years

The head of the Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) is slowly but definitively showing progress in the uphill battle faced by this institution. “I was nervous,” Nazir Foead told The Palm Scribe when asked how he had felt when appointed as head of the newly-established...

PalmOilTrace helps pave ways for Sustainability

There’s no sustainability without traceability. This mantra is repeated time and time again by almost all palm oil stakeholders, to the point of almost making it sound too tedious. Being a central prerequisite in the industry’s journey towards sustainability, much...

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Musim Mas Tops 2018 Forest Heroes’ Green Cats ranking

Singapore-based major palm oil producer Musim Mas has topped the Green Cats scorecard that ranks major palm oil companies around the world based on traceability and transparent policies, and their progress toward achieving globally-recognized policies to reduce their impact on deforestation.

London Sumatera Cannot Resign: RSPO

The Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) said that PT. London Sumatera could not, as it has announced, resign from the sustainability organization because the membership is held not by the company itself but by its mother company, PT Salim Ivomas.






Nazir Foead: Challenges in Planting Oil Palm on Peatland

Balancing Business and Environment Conservation in West Papua

Konsultasi Dengan Masyarakat Setempat Kunci Bagi Operasi ANJ di Papua

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Large companies yet to stand by smallholders

Bisnis Indonesia, 19 February 2019 Palm oil companies haven't yet fully complied with the current regulation that requires them to allocate at least 20% of their concession areas for smallholders. Calculated using the regulation, smallholders are then expected to...

Malaysia’s palm oil reserves drag CPO price down

Bisnis Indonesia, 12 February 2019 Malaysia's palm oil stockpiles fell to 3 million metric tons in January. According to "Bloomberg", the benchmark crude palm oil (CPO) contract for April delivery on the Malaysia Derivatives Exchange (MDEX) fell 1.05% to 2,266 ringgit...