Coconut Industry Executive Warns of Dangers of Economic Reliance on a Single Commodity

The Secretary-General of the Indonesian Association of Coconut Processing Industry (HIPKI) Donatus Gede Sabon is warning of the dangers and vulnerability of an economy that is heavily relying on a single commodity, in this case, palm oil.

Sawit Watch: Indonesia Has More than 21 Million Hectares of Oil Palm Plantations

While the Indonesian government says the country’s oil palm plantations cover some 14 million hectares, a study conducted by palm oil industry watchdog Sawit Watch puts the figure much higher, at more than million hectares.

The Role of the Private Sector In Helping Smallholders Get Certified

The Indonesian government is also currently encouraging its own palm oil sustainability scheme, the Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) to assure the sustainability of the palm oil industry. However, most smallholders still face many obstacles, administrative and or financial, in obtaining certification.

Absence of Universally-Accepted Definition Behind Debate on Deforestation Rate

The definition of what a forest entails can substantially impact the estimate of deforestation and forest destruction as well as in estimating the real culprit behind deforestation.

APKASINDO Seeks Way to Protect Smallholders from Pressure of Low Prices

“farmers should be able to pocket RP 1,300-Rp 1,500 per kilogram of fresh fruit bunch but what is happening on the field is that prices could reach Rp 600 per kilogram,” APKASINDO Deputy Secretary-General Rino Afrino told The Palm Scribe.


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Forest and land fire prevention measures increased

Media Indonesia, 9 August 2018 Sumba and Bangka Belitung are intensifying their forest and land fires prevention and control measures. Meanwhile, in South Kalimantan, fires razed an area in Sultan Adam Forest Park in Banjar regency. The fires began on Tuesday (7...

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Raising Healthy Lifestyles Awareness in Papua

“Here (in Papua), each region has a different level of awareness. Our Papuan community is unique. We are facing a society that has a big gap in their level of education as some of them live in the remote areas,” explained Fransisca.



A world without palm oil

At our company’s Kick Off Meeting for this year, I wanted to motivate my colleagues about sustainability, to imbue them with a lofty purpose and make them feel good about working in a palm oil company. ILLUSTRATION. Workers loads palm oil to vehicle at a plantation....




24 APRIL 2018

This conference will discuss EU palm oil import policy and what it will affect Indonesia palm oil industry

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31 Oktober – 2 November 2018

The palm oil industry annual event that held by GAPKI.

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9 – 11 Oktober 2018

This conference is the only specialized Palm Oil event in Asia that brings together an international congregation of both upstream and downstream palm oil companies and also its supporting industries gathered in the capital city of North Sumatera, Medan to showcase the latest developments in the palm oil industry.

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