Indonesian Banks Play Important Roles in Achieving Palm Oil Sustainability

As demand for sustainable financing grows, Indonesian banks are trying to contribute to the battle against deforestation and against other environmental and social issues in the palm oil sector, by requiring clients to comply with palm oil sustainability standards,...

UNDP picks The Palm Scribe to join Sustainability Training and Good Growth Conference in Peru

The UNDP has selected The Palm Scribe as one of two Asian media organizations to attend its Good Growth Conference in Peru. Bhimanto Suwastoyo, the content manager for The Palm Scribe is one of eight journalists selected globally to learn more about how journalists...

Palm Oil Sustainability: Whose Business Is It?

Environmentalists and lately the European Commission have been relentless in attacking the palm oil industry in Indonesia for its alleged lack of sustainability - which covers a glossary of wrongs such as deforestation, planting on peat, exploitation of labor,...

Indonesian Palm Oil Industry Needs a Specific National Authority

Considering the importance of palm oil for the Indonesian economy and also its significant role in fighting against poverty, the country should consider having a specific institution to manage the sector at the national scale, a number of practitioners and observers...

Indonesia Threatens European Union with Retaliation Over Palm Oil

Senior Indonesian officials are voicing strong reactions, including threats of retaliation, to the plan by the European Union to impose its Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) that will ban palm oil-based biodiesel from its transportation sector arguing that it was...

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Press Release

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Resurrecting downstream palm oil industry

Bisnis Indonesia, 5 April 2019 The downstream palm oil industry has been suffering from stagnancy ever since the government decided to keep export duty of crude palm oil at zero at the end of 2018. On Tuesday (April 2), Indonesian Vegetable Oil Association (Gimni)...

Paris Agreement to protect people

Kompas, 30 March 2019 It has been suggested that Indonesia follow its commitment to improve governance of oil palm plantations, rather than threatening the European Union to leave the Paris Agreement. Indonesian Forum for Environment (Walhi) National Executive Climate...

CPO price weaken due to oversupply

Bisnis Indonesia, 13 February 2019 The benchmark crude palm oil contract for April delivery at the Malaysia Derivatives Exchange fell 0.53% or 12 points to 2,254 ringgit per metric ton on Tuesday's (February 12) close. Asia Trade Point Futures analyst Deddy Yusuf...

Look at palm oil problems as a whole

Kompas, 12 February 2019 The government should read in detail the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on palm oil and biodiversity. The report found that while palm oil is more efficient than other kinds of vegetable oil, expansion of oil palm...