Consulting Local Communities, Key to ANJ Operations in Papua

“The challenges in Papua are different from other places. Here we face very complex social problems. There are many unclear territorial boundaries between family members and tribes, so we have to fulfill many requirements to expand palm oil commodity,” ANJ Palm Oil CEO Geetha Govindan said.

Support Palm Oil in Vatican City, Luhut Stresses on Its Importance

“We are not begging you, because our country is bigger than yours. We will be the world’s fourth largest economy by 2045-2050,” said Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan to European Union.

Activists Demand Special Regulations to Protect Palm Oil Workers

Although palm oil is the country’s largest earner, the small farmers still receive low wages, arbitrary and bad treatment, and in many cases, especially for hired day laborers, no contracts.

Indonesia to Support Palm Oil Industry in Europe

Esselink explained that the EU is currently experiencing confusion and dilemma related to palm oil consumption. “The EU is also aware that palm oil is important, but they have to do something for they are questioned by many parties,” he said.

Impact of European Ban on Palm Oil Import on Indonesia

Fadhil Hasan said EU’s palm oil import ban will not cause fluctuation in palm oil prices because the amount of EU palm oil consumption is relatively small compared to the total world demand for palm oil.


News Roundup

What Indonesian newspapers are reporting about the industry

CPO export in Q1 falls

Bisnis Indonensia, 25 May 2018 Palm oil export in Q1 018 was down 2% compared to the same period last year. The drop was caused by the impact of trade barriers raised by the European Union and the import duty raise in India. Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI)...

Environment and Forestry Ministry releases 977,824 ha forest areas

Bisnis Indonesia, 24 May 2018 The Environment and Forestry Ministry has released 977,824 hectare (ha) of forest areas as sites for agrarian reform (TORA). Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya said that once the areas have been released, the role of regional...

NGO, government working to certify oil palm farmers

The Jakarta Post, 23 May 2018 Both the government and nongovernmental organizations are working to address the issue by assisting small-scale oil palm farmers to get their hands on sustainable palm oil certificates. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a...

Govt to increase biodiesel mix to 25%

The Jakarta Post, 23 May 2018 The government is planning to issue a regulation on the production of 25% biodiesel (B25) early next year. Once issued, the policy will replace the current regulation on 20-percent biodiesel (B20) production. The 5% increase in biodiesel...

Press Release

The Palm Scribe compiles press releases from various parties in the palm oil industry.



Papuans want palm oil plantations

That one’s life can turn like a wheel, with its ups and downs, is something that Samuel Maikea and his wife Rachel Derione can vouch for. This native Papuan couple from the Iwaro Tribe have now settled in Puragi village, in the South Sorong district of West Papua....

Orchid conservation in palm oil

Orchids are well known as elegant flowers across the world and is widely prized. There are hundreds of varieties of orchids, including many that only can be found in the wild and are rare. But orchids, especially the wild varieties, are victims of their own...


The Future of Peatland in Indonesia

Out of an estimated 14.9 million hectares of peatland in Indonesia, only around  6.7 million hectares remain undeveloped and in forests, and a peat expert is calling on the government to maintain these at their current state at all costs.




24 APRIL 2018

This conference will discuss EU palm oil import policy and what it will affect Indonesia palm oil industry

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26 – 27 APRIL 2018

This will be an annual event from Borneo GAPKI and establish a platform for all of palm oil stakeholders to gather and discuss happening issues in palm oil industry. This forum will also discuss opportunities, obstacles, challenges, and threats for palm oil industry for sustainability palm oil development in Indonesia.

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5 – 6 JUNE 2018

The SSE aims to facilitate business opportunities as identified by the SDGs and also how the solutions can help create a low carbon future. The event focuses on bringing together regional SMEs on solutions they have that big businesses can adopt and opportunities that investors can fund. The SSE also creates a conducive and collaborative environment for businesses in Singapore and the region to grow together creating a sustainable supply chain that is future proof.

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