Norway To Meet Promise Over Cuts in Deforestation, Carbon

  The Norwegian government is planning to compensate Indonesia after it has confirmed reports that the country has been able to curb carbon emission from deforestation in 2017, a Norwegian diplomat said. “When the emission figures are independently verified, Norway...

2019 Presidential Debate Touches Palm Oil Issues

The second round of presidential debate held on Sunday, February 17, 2019, began to discuss issues surrounding the Environment, Natural Resources, and Food and Energy. The debate was only attended by the two presidential candidates without their VP, was important...

Study Finds Increasing Peat Soil Conversion for Oil Palms

A three-year study conducted in Indonesia’s Central and West Kalimantan provinces found that there was an increase in the conversion of peat soi into oil palm plantation, especially by smallholders. The study, conducted by a team from the Center for International...

Indonesia’s Peat Restoration Efforts After Three Years

The head of the Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) is slowly but definitively showing progress in the uphill battle faced by this institution. “I was nervous,” Nazir Foead told The Palm Scribe when asked how he had felt when appointed as head of the newly-established...

PalmOilTrace helps pave ways for Sustainability

There’s no sustainability without traceability. This mantra is repeated time and time again by almost all palm oil stakeholders, to the point of almost making it sound too tedious. Being a central prerequisite in the industry’s journey towards sustainability, much...

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Salim Ivomas Resigns from the RSPO

Salim Ivomas Pratama (SIMP) officially resigned from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) membership on 8 January 2019. Previously, PT London Sumatera (Lonsum), a subsidiary of Salim Ivomas, withdrew from the association at the end of January 2019.

GAPKI Airs Optimism for 2019

The Indonesian Association of Palm oil Producers (GAPKI) remained optimistic that in 2019, the country’s palm oil industry will be better than last year citing, improving economic growth and especially with the implementation of the B20 biofuel mixture and the possibility of an earlier upgrade of the program to the B30.

IUCN Seeks Facts Behind Much-Maligned Palm oil

Indonesia welcomes efforts by Swiss-based environmental network The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to conduct a series of researches to gather data on vegetable oil, including palm oil, across the globe to provide a strong basis for best policies on the sustainable provision of vegetable oils to meet the fast rising global demand.

EU Credibility at Stake Over Soybean Decision

The European Union’s classification of soybean as low risk to the environment because it falls under Indirect Land Use Conversion (ILUC) is undermining its credibility because it is a decision made without scientific basis, the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) former chairman Mahendra Siregar said on Monday (4/2).





Green Cheater

Green Cheater

Greenpeace continues to deceive citizens with its fundraising campaign. After the recent sideshows in front of supermarkets, our heroes decided to chain themselves in front of Mondelez’s factories in Northern Italy and protest again palm oil giant Wilmar using the catchphrase: “No to Palm Oil! that Kills Forests.”


Nazir Foead: Challenges in Planting Oil Palm on Peatland

Balancing Business and Environment Conservation in West Papua

Konsultasi Dengan Masyarakat Setempat Kunci Bagi Operasi ANJ di Papua

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Indonesia lobbies India over CPO

Kompas, 22 February 2019 Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita on the sidelines of the 4th India-ASEAN Expo and Summit in New Delhi, India, on Thursday (February 21) said Indonesia may suffer a significant decrease in crude palm oil (CPO) derivatives exports to India,...

Malaysia ready to fight for palm oil

Bisnis Indonesia, 21 February 2019 Malaysia's Foreign Affairs Minister Saifuddin Abdullah said the European Union wanted to kick crude palm oil out of the region, as cited from "Bloomberg" on Wednesday (February 20). Thus, Malaysia, the world's second largest CPO...

Roadmap to improve palm oil productivity

Kompas, 20 February 2019 The government needs to develop a roadmap to guide the implementation of the Presidential Instruction No.8/2018 on Moratorium and Evaluation of Oil Palm Plantation Permit and Productivity Improvement of Oil Palm Plantations, Oil Palm Farmers...

CPO price weaken due to oversupply

Bisnis Indonesia, 13 February 2019 The benchmark crude palm oil contract for April delivery at the Malaysia Derivatives Exchange fell 0.53% or 12 points to 2,254 ringgit per metric ton on Tuesday's (February 12) close. Asia Trade Point Futures analyst Deddy Yusuf...

Look at palm oil problems as a whole

Kompas, 12 February 2019 The government should read in detail the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on palm oil and biodiversity. The report found that while palm oil is more efficient than other kinds of vegetable oil, expansion of oil palm...