The Palm Scribe


A platform to serve the palm oil industry by helping it foster a healthier and more constructive public discourse on the industry.

We believe that such a discourse will help accelerate the development of palm oil as a crop for the future. We use the constructive journalism approach toward the issues and stakeholders that eschews sensationalism, fault finding, click-baiting and other techniques to attract the mass audience.

Rather, we focus on achievements, progress and measured discussion of important issues affecting the development of the industry.


Editorial Board

Bhimanto Suwastoyo

Over 30 years experience in journalism where he helped start up The Jakarta Globe as its editor-in-chief, as well as BeritaSatu’s English channel. He has also been a correspondent at AFP for more than 20 years.

Wicaksono a.k.a. Ndoro Kakung

Veteran journalist who has helped start up and Plaza MSN. One of the iconic figures in Indonesian social media and regularly asked to share his thoughts at ministries and government functions.

Ong Hock Chuan

Owner and founder of Maverick. Journalist for 14 years. Nuffield Press Fellow, Cambridge University, UK.

Fuad Arrasyid

Cum laude graduate of Universitas Padjadjaran in Communication Management Major. Currently a corporate communications consultant at Maverick specializing in palm oil, aviation, and defence issues.

Didiet Nugraha

A digital native with a good track record in communications, excels in the use of social media to amplify messages


Scribe Services

With our PR background we can help showcase your sustainability, CSR and innovative practices through long form and video content in The Scribe, and amplified through our social media channels.

We can help connect you with journalists and media houses and provide the support needed for press conferences, interviews and briefings.

We provide media training and crisis management; crisis management training specific to the palm oil industry.

Company specific and industry-wide media monitoring as well as coverage analysis of Indonesian media as well as social media listening.

We offer a range writing services, including conceptualizing of editorial stories, editing, copy-writing, and project management for editorial projects such as corporate publications and event newsletters.

Media mapping, perception surveys, FGDs.

We have experience redesigning and developing websites for palm oil companies.

Get your messages and information through in attractive infographics, memes and 6-second video clips.