The Palm Scribe

When oil palm plantations become medium for diplomacy

Kompas, 21 May 2018

Palm oil is not only about business. Managing oil palms also means managing the biodiversity and the welfare of local people as well as stopping forest encroachment. During a visit to oil palm plantations in Jambi, the European Union (EU) delegation wants Indonesia to become more serious in implementing sustainable palm oil management. Muhammad, a representative of Batin Sembilan tribe living in Harapan Forest, Batanghari, Jambi, said that his tribe has been trying to protect the forests. However, they often feel helpless with other tribes who trespassed on the forests. The EU delegation believed that Indonesia has performed good palm oil management by involving farmers and local people around forests. However, they also underlined several issues like the price gap between certified fresh fruit bunches and uncertified fresh fruit bunches that is too small, only Rp40 per kg on average.

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