The Palm Scribe

When evidence silences criticism

Bisnis Indonesia, 15 May 2018

Indonesian Palm Oil Fund Estate (BPDPKS) President Director Dono Boestami has strongly questioned the European Parliament’s crude palm oil (CPO) ban proposal. He said that the European Union (EU) was inconsistent in terms of regulation, as Indonesian palm oil producers have fulfilled the sustainable certification standards. The EU should uphold the mutual understanding and mutual benefit principles in trade cooperation. He believed that this CPO ban proposal was driven by a lack of understanding regarding Indonesia’s palm oil industry. The Foreign Affairs Ministry and BPDPKS invited an EU delegation to visit oil palm plantations in Indonesia last month. Indonesia was very transparent. This visit could be said as showing Indonesia’s palm oil “kitchen” to them. Seeing is believing, Dono said recently, these people have probably never visited plantations here before.

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