The Palm Scribe

What Can Palm Oil be Used For? 

Photo: AFP

Here are some of the things that can be produced using Palm Oil:
  1. Ingredient for cooking oil
  2. Ingredients or mixture for biofuels which are more eco-friendly, cleans diesel engines from deposits including from combustion.
  3. As an oil and lubricant (usually to lubricate the outer part of engines and can also be used as a mixture for engine oil in two-stroke engines.
  4. Ingredient for various foods (Oleo-margarine for butter, ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter creamers, cakes, snacks, and crackers)
  5. Ingredients for cosmetics (Hair pomade, lotions, skin products, dentifrice, soap, shampoo and more)
  6. To cool down burns (with or without egg whites)
  7. Help to neutralize spiciness in food
  8. The raw material for paint, dyes
  9. The raw material for cleaning solutions
  10. Ingredient for putty
  11. As a feed for animals (taken from solid waste from oil palm fruits processing)
  12. As a raw material in steelmaking (to coat steel and iron to increase their resistance to rust)
  13. Can help in tanning leather
  14. Material for furniture (trunks from replanting programs)
  15. To make compost (organic waste from fruit, bunches, and leaves)
  16. To make biomass (solid and liquid waste from oil palm processing)
  17. Component of various elements (such  octyl palmitate, palmytil alcohol, Palm kernel oil, palm fruit oil, stearine, cetyl alcoholemulsifiersglyceryl stearate, lauryl sulfate, sodium kernelate, and stearic acid)
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