The Palm Scribe



Unraveling the myths and facts on palm oil

With the two sides going down heavily on large issues like economy and environmental protection, issues that are closer to home such as nutritional benefits are often left out of the discussion.

The 13th Indonesian Palm Oil Conference

The Indonesian Palm Oil Conference (IPOC) annually organized by the Indonesian Association of Palm Oil Producers (Gapki) is drawing more and more participants every year. Why?

PT Kayung Agro Lestari takes conservation seriously

Why does the company take conservation seriously in Ketapang?

Interview with George S. Tahija

As one of the commissioners of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ), what are his missions, vision and values?

PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk Profile

PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ) is a holding company engaging primarily in oil palm plantations. Established in 1993, ANJ underscores its oil palm plantation business on innovation and operational efficiency.

RSPO Certification for Smallholders

Certification is a symbol of credibility and proof of sustainable practice in operations. RSPO certification helps smallholders increase yields, penetrate international markets, improve their livelihoods, and reduce the risk of land conversion.

The Story of Palm Oil Benefits the World

Palm oil lifts people in the developing world out of poverty. There are 300K palm oil smallholders in Malaysia and over 4,000K small farmers worldwide. Palm oil benefits importing countries as well.

101 East – Indonesia: The Price of Palm Oil

Indonesia is the world’s biggest palm oil producer but critics say it is harmful and unsustainable. Can the palm oil industry strike a balance between profits and environmental protection?