The Palm Scribe

The Importance of Palm Oil

Despite the endless debates around the existence of palm oil, it is quite difficult to argue that the productivity of palm oil is much higher when compared to other vegetable oils.

Here are basic facts on the benefits of palm oil:

  • Thirty-five percent of the world’s vegetable oil comes from palm oil.
  • Palm oil can be harvested throughout the year.
  • Able to produce an average of 3.7 tons of palm oil and 0.4 tons of palm kernel oil per hectare, better than other vegetable oil-producing plants.
  • Palm oil is an important component in our daily needs; including food, cosmetics, fuel, etc.
  • Palm oil is the most flexible oil among vegetable oils because it can be processed into a variety of products with different melting points, consistency, and properties.
  • Oil palm cultivation and processing is the source of life for millions of people and their families.
  • Palm oil is about 20 percent cheaper than other vegetable oils and is very versatile.
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