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State Utility Company PLN Absorbed 2.15 Million Kiloliter of Biodiesel in 2019

Power generator for PLN using B20 and B30

State Utility Company PT PLN has absorbed 2.15 million kiloliters of B20/B30 biodiesel for is power generators in 2019, or up 31,5 percent over the previous year, its President Director, Zulkifli Zaini said in a press release.

“This amount will continue to rise in line with the use of B20, B30 which we are optimizing as fuels,” Zulkifli said in the press release uploaded on the company website.

The B20, B30 are diesel oil mixture with 20 or 30 percent of palm oil and its use is being made mandatory, including for diesel-fueled power generators.

Zulkifli said that PLN was currently developing the use of vegetable oil such as CPO without having to go through an esterification process as is necessary for B20/B30.  So far, he said, the constraints faced included a high emission level and the formation of crusts in the power generator,

“PLN continues to develop this research and seek the best way to deal with the excessive residues. PLN is not giving up on the use of vegetable oil for its diesel-fueled power generation plants, we are certain that we will find the most optimal and efficient way to apply this on power generators that supply electricity to the people,” he said.

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