The Palm Scribe

Reduce tax to boost export

Kompas, 4 September 2018

Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association (GAPKI) Chair Joko Supriyono on Monday (September 3) said that the government needs to consider reducing export taxes on palm oil-derivative products to boost the country’s export, especially during the trade war between the United States and several countries, including China and India. According to the GAPKI data, Indonesia’s palm oil export to the Chinese market increased 6% from 350,120 tonnes in June 2018 to 330,430 tonnes in July 2018. However, Trade Ministry Overseas Trade Director General Oke Nurwan said that the trade war with the US was not the main factor that propelled Indonesia’s palm oil export to China. He explained that the Chinese government only wanted to increase their palm oil import from Indonesia by 500,000 tonnes.

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