The Palm Scribe

Oil palm companies await transitional regulation

Bisnis Indonesia, 6 September 2018

Some of the oil palm plantation companies are now worried about the status of their business. Their concern stems from the issuance of the Constitutional Court’s Decision No. 138/2015 on the Legality of Oil Palm Plantation, which requires companies to have both the operation permit (IUP) and the right to cultivate (HGU). Prior the issuance of this new decision, companies were only required to obtain the IUP. These companies have yet to obtain the HGU, and they are afraid that their business activities will be considered illegal. Therefore, Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association (GAPKI) Executive Director Mukti Sardjono on Wednesday (5 September) called on the government to issue a transitional regulation for companies that are still waiting for their HGU issuance. Meanwhile, Indonesia Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Director Tiur Rumondang said that they have decided to revise the RSPO certification requirements. For RSPO members wanting to obtain the certificate, they must have both the IUP and HGU. Meanwhile, for those who have obtained the RSPO certificate but still not having the HGU, their certificate will remain valid and they can submit a proposal for re-certification.

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