The Palm Scribe

Oil Palm, a Tree that Leaves No Waste

Do you know that every part of the oil palm tree can be used for various purposes and thus this tree will leave zero waste.


Tree Trunk: 

Sap can be extracted from the soft core of the trunk to make palm sugar while the wooden part can be used by the wood industry to process as raw material for the furniture industry, for plywood and flooring.

Midribs and leaves:

Can be used as organic fertilizer 

Fibres of Oil Palm Fruit:

Can be used as fuel for the boilers in mills

Shells of Oil Palm Fruit

Can be used as fuel for the boilers in mills

Flesh and Kernel of Oil Palm Fruit:

Are the raw materials for the production of palm oil and palm kernel oil

Empty Fruit Bunch:

Can be turned into compost and used as organic fertilizers in oil palm plantations.

Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME):

Can be processed into organic fertilizer

Can be processed into bio-gas


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