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Interesting Facts About Palm Oil

Interesting Facts About Palm Oil


1. Palm cooking oil is produced by refining Palm Oil (CPO) and palm cooking oil which produces only 68.28 percent of its CPO volume.

2. 77.5 percent of households in Indonesia still use bulk cooking oil, which is refined only once and is not fortified with vitamins (Ministry of Trade 2017)

3. There are six cooking oil industries located in Sumatra and four industries in Java. The remaining one industry each in Kalimantan and Sulawesi. (Ministry of Trade 2017)

4. Java Island also consumes the most cooking oil, while the lowest is in the provinces of Bangka Belitung, Gorontalo, North Maluku, Maluku and West Papua. (Ministry of Trade 2017)

5. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the area planted with oil palm in Indonesia is 16.381 million hectares. (Decree of the Minister of Agriculture Number 833/KPTS/SR.020/M/12/2019). In 2018 the area according to the Ministry of Agriculture was 14.3 million hectares.

6. Palm oil production in 2019 reached 47.18 million tons, an increase of 9.45 percent from the previous year and exports of 37.39 million tons, an increase of 7.73 percent from 2018. (Source: GAPKI)

7. The three largest export destinations for Indonesian palm oil are China with 8,136.70 million tons, up 35 percent from the previous year, the European Union with 5,743.60 million tons or an increase of 1.8 percent and India with 5,164.08 million tons, or down 26.7 percent from the year previous.

8. Palm oil exports generated $ 19 billion in 2019, a 17.39 percent decrease from the previous year with the decline mainly due to lower prices.

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