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In the wake of another action by Greenpeace activists in Italy, chaining themselves in front of a factory in Northern Italy, the For Free Choice Institute is issuing another opinion piece. The piece has been slightly edited to meet standards of The Palm Scribe. The opinion expressed are those of For Free Choice institute. Following an earlier opinion piece by the same institute, also related to Greenpeace and that we also carried, Greenpeace declined to use their right of reply.
With Christmas just around the corner, Greenpeace continues to deceive citizens with its fundraising campaign. After the recent sideshows in front of supermarkets, our heroes decided to chain themselves in front of Mondelez’s factories in Northern Italy and protest again palm oil giant Wilmar using the catchphrase: “No to Palm Oil! that Kills Forests.”
We must be honest. They are improving with their slogans; however, they are not completely there yet.
Greenpeace International must have educated its Italian branch that sustainable palm oil must be promoted.
They could use the following slogan: YES TO SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL
However – according to the principles of communication – the results would be easily predictable: no generated emotions, no media attention, no profits for their campaigns.
Therefore they preference went to: “No to Palm Oil! that Kills Forests”. They prefer to keep playing with words (as well as with citizens), fooling all of us. So does Greenpeace International with the slogan “Drop Dirty Palm Oil”.
Nevertheless, we still have additional questions for these activists who manifest in the middle of the day in front of a factory that provides honest jobs to hundreds of citizens:
Why don’t you say anything to coconut or soy producers (the flyover Brazil soy fields was pathetic)?
Why don’t you protest against coconut oil producers?
Or producers of vegan products – which are much less sustainable than palm oil?
Why don’t you protest in front of a Coldiretti cattle farm? We’d love to see that!!!
Why don’t you say anything against Putin’s Russia – who is the leading country in deforestation?
Have you ever asked yourself, while you protest, what would happen if palm oil plantations would disappear (as you are asking)? Try to answer this question.
Since it’s Christmas time, write a letter to millions of Indonesian kids and tell them that you want them to be poor. Then, instead of counting orangutans, you would be counting kids with no education nor food.
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