The Palm Scribe

Government needs to create biodiesel expansion roadmap

Kompas, 20 August 2018

Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association (GAPKI) Chair Joko Supriyono last week suggested the government, particularly the Industry Ministry, the Transportation Ministry, and the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, create a roadmap for the B20 fuel policy expansion. Meanwhile, GAPKI Secretary General Kanya Lakshmi Sidarta on Sunday (19 August) said that Indonesia’s biodiesel consumption currently stands at 2.5 million kilolitres/year. When the B20 fuel policy goes into full effect, the biodiesel consumption may go up to 6.7 million kilolitres/year and help the government save $4 billion from fuel imports. Indonesia’s diesel fuel imports currently stand at 9.6 million kilolitres or $5.5 billion.

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