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GAPKI Airs Optimism for 2019

Palm oil is the most sustainable commodity compared to other vegetable oils

The Indonesian Association of Palm oil Producers (GAPKI) remained optimistic that in 2019, the country’s palm oil industry will be better than last year citing, improving economic growth and especially with the implementation of the B20 biofuel mixture and the possibility of an earlier upgrade of the program to the B30.

“Taking into consideration the various challenges faced in 2018 and the steps  that have been and will continue to be taken in the future, especially the implementation of B20 and the possible acceleration of B30 in 2019, GAPKI is therefore optimistic that in 2019, the palm oil industry will be better than in 2018,” GAPKI said in a press release obtained by The Palm Scribe Thursday (7/2).

It also said that the optimism was also supported by the improving Indonesian economic growth, and an appropriate work program has been established for 2019.

GAPKI said that its work program for 2019 was in line with the government’s policy of boosting investment, national productivity, raising exports especially to new markets, and eradicating poverty as well as narrowing the wealth gap.

The organization spelled out the six focuses for 2019 as continuing to improve the business climate, through advocacy on the synchronizing the government;s policies and regulations, continuing its advocacy of a number of regional regulations, encourage the acceleration of sustainability in the palm oil sector, boost exports and handled the various trade barriers overseas and widen a positive campaign on palm oil domestic as well as in main export destination countries.

GAPKI will also encourage its members to replant their plantation and also actively participate in providing guidance to smallholders for them to replant their own plantation.

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