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Facts About Indonesian Palm Oil


  • Indonesia and Malaysia dominate the world market, supplying some 85 percent of global supply.
  • Indonesia has the most oil palm plantations in the world with more than 700  plantations across Indonesia.
  • The total area of ​​oil palm-planted land in Indonesia is around 16.78 million hectares.
  • The oil palm plantation sector and the national palm oil industry are the biggest contributors to the Indonesian economy.
  • In 2019, foreign exchange earnings from the export of palm oil products reached around Rp. 246 trillion
  • Throughout 2019, crude palm oil (CPO) output reached 51.8 million tonnes
  • Forty percent of the total area of ​​Indonesia’s oil palm plantations, or 5.72 million hectares, are smallholder plantations
  • There are 1,731 oil palm plantation companies consisting of 162 large state-owned companies and 1,569 large private companies, spread across 25 provinces in Indonesia.
  • Some 50 percent of the world’s vegetable oil needs, come from palm oil
  • Meanwhile, 50 percent of the world’s other vegetable oils come from sunflower, soybean, coconut, peanut and cottonseed oil

Source: Kemenperin dan Dirjen EBTKE

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