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Astra Agro Reaps Indonesia Digital Innovations Awards 2021 

Oil Palm Plantation company PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk clinched recognition as The Most Innovative Agribusiness Company for The Development of Data-Driven Tracking System in the agribusiness category at the Indonesia Digital Innovations Award 2021.

 “This will raise the spirit of Astra Agro employees to continue to innovate and work for the nation,” said Bandung Sahari, Senior Vice President of Sustainability of PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk, who received the award in that category at a virtual award ceremony on Wednesday (31/3.

Bandung said that the award, part of an annual award series organized by Warta, will inspire the company to continue to work to become a “World Class Plantation Operation” that prioritizes efficiency, precision and respect for its human resources and sustainability. 

 “This appreciation is also a recognition from an independent party that Astra Agro continues to make efforts to find new ideas to meet the challenges of the future,” he was quoted as saying in a company press release.

Fadel Muhammad, founder and President Commissioner of Warta Ekonomi, said in his address at the online event, that the award was a token of appreciation given to companies that have successfully applied digitalization in various products. Fadel aired hopes that the award would encourage companies to further develop and consequently, the economic progress of the country.

Astra Agro has applied digitalization in its operation since 2017, making use of technological advances to raise the effectivity and efficiency of the company’s operation. It hopes that the digital applications that it had designee and used could raise the productivity of the company.

Bandung said that innovation has become important for Astra Agro in its drive to transform into a company of the future that was efficient and the use of the most sophisticated technology in the digital era was in line with the company’s vision of becoming the world’s most innovative and productive company.

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