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ANJ Conducts First Shipment of CPO from West Papua

CPO produced ceremony in Sorong
South Sorong District Chief Samsudin Anggiluli cuts the ribbon at a ceremony in Karekano on January 22, 2020, marking the initial shipment of CPO produced from ANJ’s two plantations in West Papua.

PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ) has conducted its first shipment of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) produced from its two oil palm plantation units  in West Papua province.

The shipment of the CPO produced from fresh fruit bunches coming from the plantations of PT Permata Putera Mandiri (PPM) in South Sorong district and PT Putera Manunggal Perkasa (PMP) in South Sorong and Maybrat districts, was held during a simple ceremony in Karekano on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, that was attended by South Sorong District Chief Samsudin Anggiluli..

“The district government fully support the operations of ANJ in South Sorong. We support the company in maximizing the capacity of its palm oil mill,” said Samsudin who was also proud of and appreciated the ANJ investment in West Papua.

The district government, the district chief added, was also committed to assisting thein the resolution of a number of issues related to the social aspect of the community.

The shipment of the palm oil was also to test the readiness of the land and river transportation channels to be used for the transport of the palm oil from the PMP mill.

“The CPO shipment is the result of the commissioning of the two plantation from June to December 2019, with a total output of 4,120 ton and this had to be done immediately so as to maintain quality,” said Bambang Wijanarko, PMP Estate General Manager.

The PMP mill, which has an initial production capacity of 45 MT per hour, has been processing Fresh Fruit Bunches from the PMP plantation as well as from theose of PPM since end of 2019.

Head of ANJ’s Government and Stakeholder Relations Department, Gritje Fonataba, said that besides promoting the first shipping activity to the district government of South Sorong, the company also conducted similar promotion to the people and the customary leaders of a number of villages within the operational areas of PMP and PPM.

“The company expresses its gratitude to the South Sorong district chief and his rank as well as to the entire population, for having supported the process of shipping our palm oil products and also in making sure that the trial run of the land and river transportation today went on smoothly,” Gritje said.

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