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ANJ Builds Clean Water Facilities in Papua’s South Sorong District

Foto: ANJ

Agrobusiness firm PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ) is assisting a community in Papua’s South Sorong district in attaining a clean and healthy lifestyle by building several facilities for the provision of clean water.

The construction of six water tanks and five ground wells in Benawa village in South Sorong, all powered by the village’s own power generators, was executed by PT Permata Putera Mandiri (PPM), ANJ’s business unit operating in South Sorong. The work was completed by the end of August 2019.

Villagers now have access to clean water from these six water tanks, which will be able to provide water for 70 percent of the 300 families in Benawa, said Gritje Fonataba, Head of Government Relations and Stakeholders of ANJ for its Eastern Part operation.

“We are thankful for the company’s help. The quality of water is good enough to be used, and the community can now enjoy clean water. Previously, the community must commute far away to get their clean water supply” said Benawa Village Chief, Daud Amatire.

Gritje said that in 2014 ANJ had also built clean water channels and reservoirs in the same area.

“The community is an important stakeholder to work together in reaching mutual progress. This is our contribution in helping local government programs to increase the Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS), with access to clean water,” Gritje added.

ANJ’s business activities include plantations and food production, with operations stretching from Sumatra to Papua. In conducting its business and operations, ANJ adheres to the fundamental values of Integrity; Respect for fellow humans & the environment; and the provision of sustained capacity-building measures.

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